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7 Emotional Blocks to Your Exercise Motivation

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Most of us have been through a time when we had plenty of good intention with corresponding dwindling action. Maybe you have promised yourself to go jogging every morning, got a great start, and then by the third week suddenly found yourself too busy at work, sleeping in late, or any of a number of excuses. Maybe these excuses kept getting stronger and stronger until jogging became a thing of the past. Or maybe you decided to turn over a new leaf and walk the dog twice a day or go swimming with the kids each week and somehow it never really happened. And gyms make a good profit from people who join and end up never setting foot in the gym but continue their memberships in hope – or pretence – of fitness. In other words, when it comes to exercise, there may be plenty of good intention but an equally plentiful measure of inaction. There are 7 main emotional blocks in your path that you need to release so you can move forward. Perhaps one or more ring a bell for you.

  1. One block is to have every intention to exercise but not a clear mental image of yourself doing it. By image, I mean a clear visualization or a clear feeling in your body of doing the exercise. If you cannot imagine yourself doing the action, chances are that you will not do it.
  2. Another, and perhaps even bigger, block, is a hidden emotional fear. If your unconscious mind does not feel that it is safe for you to exercise, then it will do everything it can to stop you.
  3. Another block is about how you see your role. For example, a man who sees his role as always having to work to support his family and please his boss will find himself working all hours in the office or taking clients to dinner and almost never exercising.
  4. Another block is self-consciousness. If you worry about going to the gym because you feel you will be compared to the fit members or feel too self-conscious in gym clothes, then this will be such an unpleasant experience that it can soon end altogether.
  5. A big block is limiting beliefs about yourself. For example, if a girl was discouraged from taking part in boyish sports when a little girl, she may have the illogical belief that sports are not for girls; and so she may find herself inexplicably missing out on swimming, jogging, karate, and all the things she really would love to do.
  6. One thing that most would-be exercisers never get around to is specific goal-setting. It is one thing to want to be fit, but without a clear goal to aim for, it is hard to stick to it. Just being fit is too general a goal.
  7. Another common mistake is to have a great long-term goal but without any intermediate steps planned. It is then all too easy to get discouraged and give up.

If you want exercise motivation but somehow never stick to a plan, maybe you can recognize one or more of these blocks. The next step is to take action to release these blocks from your path. There are many ways to help you, including writing down your feelings and progress, and also EFT tapping or Reiki to change your energy to that of a exercise motivation. Take one step at a time, release anything in your path to success, and you will surely get there.


How Many Calories Do You Burn by Running?

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How many calories do you burn by running?

The glib answer is 100 or 110 calories per mile for an average 155 pound runner.

But a group from Syracuse University found that 12 men who ran and walked 1600 meters (approximately 1 mile) on a treadmill, burned an average of 124 calories running and 88 walking; while 12 women who did the same workout burned 105 and 74 calories respectively. Typically women burn less because their lighter bodies require less effort to move them.

If you sat at home watching television instead of exercising, your body would still expend calories. In order to accurately determine the calories burned during an exercise session, deduct your resting rate from the calories burned.

The formula for working out net calories burned per mile while running is to multiply your body weight in pounds by.75. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds and run 2.8 miles then the net calories used would be 160 multiplied by.75 multiplied by 2.8 miles, resulting in 336 net calories burned for this workout.

Below are tables which, depending on whether you run for a length of time or at a certain speed, may be useful.

This table sets out calories burned by 140 and 195 pound people who run for one hour:

Running 5.0 miles per hour (12.0 minute mile) 508 708

Running 5.2 miles per hour (11.5 minute mile) 572 797

Running 6.0 miles per hour (10.0 minute mile) 636 885

Running 6.7 miles per hour (9.0 minute mile) 699 974

Running 7.0 miles per hour (8.5 minute mile) 731 1018

Running 7.5 miles per hour (8.0 minute mile) 795 1107

Running 8.0 miles per hour (7.5 minute mile) 858 1195

Running 8.6 miles per hour (7.0 minute mile) 890 1239

Running 9.0 miles per hour (6.5 minute mile) 953 1328

Running 10 miles per hour (6.0 minute mile) 1017 1416

Running 10.9 miles per hour (5.5 minute mile) 1144 1594

Running up stairs 953 1328

Jogging 445 620

Based on this schedule, if you run for a portion of an hour, multiply your calories by the number of minutes you run and divide by 60. For example if you weigh 140 pounds and run 5 miles per hour, after 25 minutes, you burn 508 multiplied by 25 divided by 60, equalling 211 calories. If the same person ran at the same speed for 1 hour 16 minutes (76 minutes) then 508 multiplied by 76 divided by 60 equals 643 calories.

Below is a weight- and speed-adjusted table detailing the calories burned for 10 minutes of running (if the alignment goes awry, I apologise and suggest pasting it into a spreadsheet):

pounds 12 10 9 8 7 6 5:30 minutes per mile

110 66 83 91 103 116 132 149

120 72 90 100 113 127 144 162

130 78 98 108 122 137 156 176

140 85 106 117 133 149 170 191

150 90 113 124 141 158 180 203

160 97 121 133 152 170 194 218

170 102 128 141 160 179 204 230

180 109 136 150 170 191 218 245

190 115 143 157 178 200 230 257

200 121 151 166 189 212 242 272

To convert miles to kilometers, multiply them by 1.609344. For example, 2.8 miles multiplied by 1.609344 equals 4.5 kilometers.

To convert kilometers to miles, multiply them by 0.621371192. For example, 5.7 kilometers multiplied by 0.621371192 equals 3.5 miles.

To convert pounds to kilograms, multiply them by 0.45359237. For example, 150 pounds multiplied by 0.45359237 equals 68 kilograms.

To convert kilograms to pounds, multiply them by 2.20462262. For example, 59 kilograms multiplied by 2.20462262 equals 130 pounds.

Although not reflected in terms of calories burned in these tables, slow running is more exhausting than a natural, flowing stride.

To work out how long it takes to burn 1 pound of body fat, with 1 pound of fat being equal to 3500 calories, divide your weight in pounds by 50, multiply by 4, then divide into 3500. The result tells you for how many minutes you need to run at 6 miles per hour in order to burn 1 pound of body fat.

For example, if you weigh 244 pounds, 244 divided by 50 equals 4.88; 4.88 multiplied by 4 equals 19.52; 3500 divided by 19.52 equals 179 minutes; 179 minutes divided by 7 days per week equals 26. This means if you ran 26 minutes every day of the week, you would lose approximately 1 pound of body fat a week. If you ran every second day, each session needs to be 51 minutes long (179 minutes divided by 3.5 days).

Although the more you run, the more efficient your body becomes and the less calories you burn, running undoubtedly gives you a more intense workout and sheds pounds in less time than for example, walking.

Besides increasing your pulse rate, another benefit of vigorous exercise is your body continues burning calories AFTER your session ends. For example, after a 20 minute high intensity workout, your body burns the same amount of energy at half intensity for an additional 40 minutes and is called the ‘afterburn’.

If your weight loss efforts have reached a plateau or you simply wish to step up the intensity, incorporating interval training (sprinting for a short stretch of time or distance) into your running routine will accelerate results. Burning even more calories in less time, speed work also increases your muscle mass and resting metabolism so you use more calories even when not exercising.

Regardless of what exercise you do, your goal is most likely to boost your metabolism, increase the calories burned and improve your fitness level. After intense exercise your heart rate remains elevated for longer and takes more time to recover than after a sedate stroll. Having said that, a sedate stroll may be more appropriate for an unfit person and is far better than doing no exercise at all.


Pelvic Floor Exercises – Naturally Tighten & Strengthen Your Vagina

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So you want to tighten your vagina? Maybe you’ve recently had a child, or maybe you want to tighten you vaginal muscles to make your love life absolutely explosive. Either way, it’s possible with completely natural exercises. Yes, there are toys that you can purchase to help you make your vagina tighter, but they are by no means necessary, and can be very expensive.

How Pelvic Floor Exercises Work

Your vagina is one large muscle. If you work it out, it can become extremely strong, but if you don’t, it will not only be weak, but you may develop incontinence, among other things. Worst of all, perhaps, is that your sex life will not be as good as it could be. In fact, some women actually report having their FIRST orgasm as a result of tightening and strengthening their muscles. That’s how important strengthening your vagina truly is. Here are a few benefits that you can expect:

  • Have More Orgasms
  • Have Stronger Orgasms
  • Have More Control Over When You Have Orgasms
  • Tease Your Man By Clenching Your Muscles Around His Penis
  • Prevent Incontinence
  • If You’ve Recently Had A Child, Tighten And Strengthen Your Muscles
  • Feel Confident Around Your Lover- Never Again Feel Self-Conscious About Your Tightness

Make Your Vagina So Tight That You Can Write Your Name With a Pencil & Then Snap It In Half!

I’m serious!

Women who work out their vagina and develop their pelvic floor have extremely powerful muscles. They tease and torture their man until he can no longer take it and loses his mind. Most women merely have intercourse without being aware of their vaginal muscles. But when you work out your vagina you will become extremely aware of them during intercourse. When you’re having sex, you can manipulate your lover’s member in many, many ways, all of which will be extremely pleasurable. In fact, some women become so masterful that they can end their man almost instantly. In fact, what if I told you that you can invite your lover inside of you, ask him to stay still, and only with your vaginal muscles massage him to climax? Yes, it’s true!

So many women do not know about tightening and strengthening their vagina, and they are, as result, missing out on the best sex of their life! Your sex life will be exponentially better. Your orgasms will be stronger and more powerful, and you will have them more frequently.

Not just that, but if you suffer from incontinence, you can completely eliminate your problems in a short period of time. These exercises also work to prevent incontinence.

  • If you want to make your sex life absolutely incredible, strengthening your pelvic floor is a sure-fire way to have the best sex of your life every night.

Can I use anything to help me strengthen my muscles?

Yes, there are many different kinds of toys and balls that you can purchase to help develop your pelvic floor muscles. Remember, these are by no means necessary, but can certainly help.

  • Ben Wa Balls
  • Smart Balls
  • Kegel Exercises

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are, simply put, small metal balls that you place in your vagina. They are weighted, so they require that you squeeze your vaginal muscles around them to keep them inside of you. This will help you develop your strength considerably. Many women use these balls when doing all kinds of things. Some women wear them when they’re doing things around the house, while others even wear them while they’re out for a jog or even on the job! They are very inexpensive, but can be a great addition to your arsenal of tightening and strengthening tools.

Smart Balls

Smart balls are larger than Ben Wa Balls, usually made of silicone, and connected with either nylon or silicone. They also come in a myriad of different colors, so there will surely be something you will like. Smart Balls are recommended for beginners because they are larger and easier to remove than Ben Wa Balls. Most have some sort of string connected for easy removal. Most women also find them more attractive, and even cute.

Kegel Exercisers

This is your most expensive option, but many exercises are made of stainless steel, so they last a lifetime. Also, they double as a regular sex toy. These exercises usually bulge around the center, which allows you to clench your vaginal muscles around it repeatedly, which will make them stronger over time.

If you are serious about strengthening your pelvic floor, doing natural vaginal exercises will have you squirming in delight every day and night. Not only will you have better orgasms, but your lover will benefit from your stronger vagina as well. So if you want to take your sex life to the next level, or if you want to bring back the awesome chemistry that you once felt with your man, start strengthening your pelvic floor today, and you’ll never look back. It’s the best investment into your sex life that you can make!


5 Ways To Make Your Penis Strong

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Increasing the size, strength and stamina of the penis is a huge task to most men. Though there are endless ointments, pills, devices that claim to be of help. The question is how many of them are really reliable.

To make your penis strong is not a futile task that cannot be achieved. If you are a young man, it is believed that your penis should be strong and hard naturally, but if on the contrary, don’t worry this article will help you. On the other hand, as a man grows older the sex hormone gradually decline and become less active. In order to make his penis strong, a constant production of sex hormones need to be taken seriously.

To produce more of these sex hormones, you will have to do the following:

1. Eat Right: Raising a massive penis is an expensive proposition for your body. The penis needs constant supply of nutrients and blood to keep it healthy. When you eat right the nutrients necessary for the production of more sex hormones will be released giving rise to a strong healthy penis. Examples of food recommended are high fiber and low saturated fat diets. You also need to ingest zinc every day. Zinc is vital for the production of testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm. You can find this mineral in liver, seafood, peas, and beans.

2. Vitamin Supplements: Vitamins are also known to boost sex hormones. Vitamin A, B, C, E, Chromium, Zinc and L-arginine are known to be good in maintaining penis health but be sure to consult your doctor first before taking any drug.

Apart from hormone production, other ways to make your penis strong include:

3. Exercise: Being in shape and having a good physique will make you feel good about yourself and up your confidence. You can do exercise like swimming, cycling, jogging or brisk walking for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.

4. Jelqing: When you perform jelqing (penis enlargement exercise) it makes blood to flow to the penis and also aid in penis enlargement. Jelqing involves milking your penis with your hands from the base to the tip. The advantage of this method is that it causes the penis chamber to expand and hold more blood resulting in a massive strong penis.

5. Traction Device: This is also known as a penis extender. It is a small light weight medically tested device that can be worn on the penis when not erect. The device exerts a little tension on the penis when strapped on it leading to tissue multiplication. The more tissue produced the stronger and bigger your penis will be. The beauty of the device is that it can be worn underneath your shorts without anyone noticing.

Below are steps to wear the device:

I. Insert your penis through the base ring of the device

ii. Strap the soft comfort pad into the device and pull the loop down carefully until the head is secure

iii. Adjust the tension level of the device. Two bars run the length of the penis shaft, which can be adjusted to suit the desired tension i.e. you can increase the tension on the extender by turning the knurled knobs toward your penis.

iv. Basically, you need to attach the penis extender to the end of your penis. Once placed, you can then adjust the brace to PULL or stretch out the penis.

It should be noted that the device work best under loose fitting shorts or sweat pants. No tight pants should be worn when wearing a traction device.

Apart from making your penis strong and big, a traction device can also help you control your ejaculation, increase your stamina in bed, harder erection and increase your sexual urge due to the increase of blood flow to the penis.

Statistics shows that about 100,000 men are using this little device daily to enhance their sexual life.


Getting Creative With Your Cardio at Home or at the Gym

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Cardio exercises are a must when it comes to being fit or shedding fat, but that does not mean you do not have options. Cardio does a lot for your health in general, it increases your metabolism, burns fat, makes your heart and blood vessels healthier, decreases your blood pressure, increases your stamina, improves your sex life and the list goes on.

With all that I have stated doing the same thing day in day out might bore you so much that you could forget the benefits of cardio, so I’m going to give you other alternative ways to do your cardio that are not the traditional, steady pace jogging or cycling that everyone associates with cardio.

What most people think is that the longer you do an activity such as jogging the more you will get out of the workout, which is not true but may be true if you are talking about steady pace cardio. Doing something like jogging for a long distance is also time consuming and if you do too much cardio or too long of a distance you might find that it holds you back in terms of muscle gain, if that is what you are after.

How to get creative with your cardio:

First thing you can try is to change your traditional cardio workouts into more fast paced, interval sessions. What I mean is you can train in short intense intervals by timing yourself on a bike or treadmill and increasing the intensity in each interval. This would not require a lot of time and you would have one hell of a workout. In fact you will be burning calories long after you have worked out, but your time spent working out would be less than if you did the traditional steady pace stuff.

You could try doing sprints which is another form of interval training, running between cones. Taking short breaks and doing it again and increasing the distance and trying to run as fast as possible, short break again increasing the distance a little and go at it hard again, you get the idea. This would be a short intense and fun workout, obviously its short because it takes more effort and we can’t sprint for long distances or long periods of time. The cool thing with sprints is that you get the benefits of traditional cardio and you built lean muscular legs, you have noticed that sprinters are jacked compared to long distance runners.

Other cardio exercises you could try includes martial art such as MMA, Kick boxing, karate etc. You could also play sports if you have time such as soccer, tennis, hockey or any other high activity sport. You could try swimming if you love the water; swimming is one of the better forms of cardio since it has less impact on your body and joints because the water supports your body weight.

There are a lot of alternatives to traditional cardio, it’s up to you to find the ones that you like best, most of them are just fun and most people do not even know they are doing a cardio exercise. Just think of dancers they do cardio and have fun the same time. So go out there and find what works for you, no more excuses and no more boring cardio sessions.


Type 2 Diabetes – Jumping Rope to Help Burn Fat and Lower Your Blood Sugar

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It’s rare to find an exercise so straightforward it appeals to practically everyone. Walk into a gym, however, and you see such a variety of exercise equipment it’s difficult for a novice to know where to start. So many different choices are confusing. Exercise is so easy to do, yet it’s often made out to be more complicated than it is.

Take walking and jogging for instance. They are two activities available to just about everyone. Walking and jogging are staple exercises that should be a part of all lifestyles. Going for a 1-hour walk or 30-minute run will certainly benefit your health. You’ll…

  • burn fat,
  • tone your muscles,
  • decrease your insulin resistance, and
  • bolster your cardiovascular health.

All of these benefits are ideal for a Type 2 diabetic.

With that said, sometimes it pays to change up your routine. You have everything to gain by flexing your muscles a different way. That’s why we’ve chosen to discuss jumping rope as an exercise to treat or manage your blood sugar, and to ultimately better your health. Jumping rope is clearly something that’s easy to get into. While it might take a little bit of practice for those who haven’t skipped rope since grade school, it’s still a simple exercise nonetheless.

Additionally, jumping rope is challenging as far as training is concerned. Ask most cardio experts what they think of jumping rope, and you’ll find they often believe there is no better exercise to promote weight loss and good health.

It’s frequently said ten minutes of jumping rope at a moderate to high intensity is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. That is not a typo. And if 30 minutes of jogging burns about the same number of calories as a 1-hour walk, you can see just how dynamic jumping rope is at helping you to lose weight, as well as help, control your blood sugar levels. Moreover, we haven’t even mentioned the remarkable effect it has on your fitness level. If professional boxers – arguably the world’s fittest athletes – rely on jumping rope to keep themselves in optimal shape, you could certainly benefit from jump rope training as well.

It’s easy to do, it’s fun, and it can be carried out anywhere. Don’t worry if you find yourself having to rest often. In no time, you’ll build up your fitness and be able to jump rope for several minutes consecutively.

If you’re a Type 2 diabetic, there’s nothing better for your health than an exercise that will have you sweat more than an intense session of hot yoga.


Weight Loss Exercises For Women

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of women – men and women – two sexes definitely got the short end of the stick when it comes to losing weight. Women lose weight at a slower pace than the men because they have slow metabolisms and tend to store more fat. I know, I know, it is unfair; a man can Wolf down hotwings during a game of pickup play b-ball and be OK, but a woman eats a bagel with cream cheese, extra and no matter what she does, she swells are.

I’m exaggerating a bit, but really, women tend to be much more frustrated with losing weight than men. That’s because losing weight is harder for women. Fortunately for the fair sex, weight loss there are exercises for women who really work and can help any Lady shed some unwanted weight.

#1 exercise: jogging

your average, everyday woman doesn’t have time to run 5-6 miles a day. Fortunately, that is not really necessary to lose weight. The best way to shed pounds should be active as much as possible, and means to run. Run is a less intense form, low-impact performance can be three times a week, for 30 minutes to an hour – and even results.

for those moms who are, running behind a stroller is as good (and better yet, I say).

#2 exercise: Spinning

I know that many people think of pilates as an exercise in caprice. Actually, however, pilates is a good way to make physical activity and increase the metabolic and cardiovascular performance. Basically this is cycling without going anywhere. There are kinds of spinning offering motivation and discipline, as well as the social connection that many women lose with exercise (and many men seem to not miss at all).

exercise #3: training with weights

this is more a type of exercise than an exercise, per se, but is still important. Did you know that muscle requires more energy per day for its own maintenance and performance of fat? That seems pretty car, right? Well, it also means that building muscle can help you lose weight and not only make you stronger. Of course, few women want to bulk up, but fortunately, every woman can add a bit of muscle, better, lose weight faster and still do not see how they spend their time eating raw meat and live in the gym.

Exercise #4: Kickboxing

are usually men who are in the movies blow things and punching villains. But women can enter this too (well, less it blowing part). Kickboxing is an excellent way to increase cardiovascular health because it stimulates their aerobic capacity as toning your muscles. In addition, it is fun – and for women, it can be incredibly empowering.

recommend to register for a class and a friend or two along the way. They were not only beaten.


Pros and Cons of the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller

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after much research, choice of critics for a stroller has to be, hands down, the Double Jogging baby stroller trend. Make 2 models, the Navigator and expedition.

the difference in the two is that the Navigator has 2 of everything. Two swivel front tires, two separate pavilions, can accommodate two car seats to baby and it has 2 trays of child. The expedition has a pneumatic swivel front, a pavilion that extends through the seats and tray. However, both are very well made, sturdy cars.

the browser think it has some more pro although the expedition. If they are pushing 2 children close in age, the rotating front tire one of the expedition seems to be adequate. If however you have 2 children whose ages are say 3 years old and 15 months of age, 2 Navigator model tire seems to better prepare. The reason for this is that naturally 3-year-old child weighs more than their 15 months of age. With a tire, the stroller tends to lean more towards the heaviest child turning. You have two tires distributes the weight and becomes softer.

pros and cons

  • have separate pavilions in the browser also has its advantages. For example, the Sun does not necessarily hits in the same place just because their children are on the side. Perhaps a child might have inclined more than the other seat and have problems with the Sun on his face. You can adjust each Pavilion to the comfort of each child.
  • is also another important factor with the browser there are 2 trays of child. This is a very nice feature.
  • both models come equipped with an MP3 player speakers that have been mixed reviews. The sound is not that strong and powerful. Some people really don’t care and do not use it while it is there, and others have said is great feature. It is entertaining to their children, especially when they activate. It is at least there is that you choose to use it. Certainly does not seem to be the manufacturer’s agreement.
  • both strollers have a remainder of big toe that has enough space for both children. It is also a good place for his third son to rest a little.
  • in terms of opening and closing, both cars are very easy to do in that Department.
  • have a lot of storage under saddle and ride on the back of each seat. Adult Cup holders are deep and there is a compartment that can open and close to keys or wet wipes for baby.
  • on the side negative, these double strollers tend to be heavy and you don’t expect to fit through standard doorways with the stroller open. If you’re aware of this before you buy, can learn to compensate for these disadvantages few. It is certainly not a switch. What can you expect? A stroller will be double the weight, but it is worthwhile in the ease of use and comfort of their children.

Maybe these strollers were made with the intention to be used outdoors to run, but we all know how good that when they were on vacation, or simply a place where it would be difficult to deal with their kids running amuck. Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller allows the advantage of traveling with 2 children with less stress, which all we know some time ago better for all involved.


7 Running Weight Loss Tips – How to Optimize Your Running Weight Loss Exercise

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exercise is a necessity, even more so when you’re determined to lose weight. For a workout that gives fast results, try a current period of weight loss. Not only is it easy, but you can do almost anywhere and choose their own pace. Current exercise for weight loss is a great cardio of high intensity that works several muscle groups and increase your metabolism.

1. hit your exercise with a winning streak. walking is a good exercise. But in the same way that it is necessary to intensify on foot to get more calories burn out of it, needs to hit walking to get more out of your cardio. Run 15 minutes would be a good starting point.

2. heat and cool. it’s important to remember to choose to run weight loss exercise to warm up before a race and then cool. Start with a walk, working on a walk then a slow to a moderate jog trot. After the race, cool and follow the reverse, passing jog moderate hike before coming to a complete stop.

3. Run a regularly. the minimum operating frequency would be 3 to 4 times a week view and maintain results. Calories burned are different depending on the intensity of the race, but a good estimate would be 100 calories burned per mile. Gradually work 25 to 30 miles a week, increase your mileage by 10% each week until you reach the goal.

4. Replace with the slow operation. is a way to vary your current weight loss regime maintain a slow race for 90 minutes once or twice a week. At this point, your body will start to burn the fat stored in the place of carbohydrates for energy.

5. amp up with the operating range. performances range are another way to put variety into your current routine. Just do a quick race or sprint for 10 seconds then stop a walk of 10 seconds. Do 10 sets of this for a weight loss exercise running fast.

6. step up with the race uphill. the effort more exercises, more calories you burn. Intensify your training by running up a hill, but choose an easy descent you can support. A general rule to count calories burned is that you for every degree of slope, they burn 10% more calories than running surface flat.

7. record the heart rate. to enter in the fat burning zone, you need to be running at their maximum aerobic (estimated by subtracting your age from 180). Strap on a heart rate monitor to record its actual intensity. You don’t want to abuse their current period of weight loss or want to fall below its optimal level.

cardio workouts as the current weight loss exercises are your best bet for quickly destroy the fat away, and forever. It is a routine that you can easily fit into your daily schedule. This high-intensity heat burner not recommended for joints weak knee or problem that regularly though and would be best to walk. Still, a slow, low-impact jogging every now and then not can really hurt.


The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller Vs The BOB Revolution Stroller

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very well, so stick you and the Jeep Overland limited jogging stroller, BOB revolution stroller. I can see why, very well both are built, with comfortable seats fitted with a safety harness 5-point child, and multi-position seat from reclining, Sun hoods adjustable rain, large storage under the seats, brakes and straps in place. The Jeep and the BOB has good reviews. This could be a difficult decision, however, there are some unique features that these two strollers jogging. Let’s see, shall we?

firstly, suspension systems. The Jeep Overland offers a system of suspension spring, which makes it a very smooth ride. The BOB revolution offers a suspension system, also cushion, however, you can adjust the shock absorbers of BOB, depending on the terrain and the weight of your growing child. Maximum weight of the BOB revolution is 70 pounds, while the Jeep Jogger only goes up to 45 pounds. The BOB revolution also less, weighs 23 pounds compared with 28 pounds of Jeep. Five pounds may seem much, but when you examine everything you get with that 5 pounds, don’t look so bad. The Jeep Overland stroller comes with lots of extras, a tray of appetizers of child with Cup holder, a handbrake for the steepest hills, an adjustable handle with various heights and different angles, as well as a tray with a sound system iBaby that gives you and your child the ability to listen to tunes on the road. Parent tray includes Cup holders and storage for keys, cell phone, etc. With all the extras, it seems a pretty simple decision, however there is a very important to examine key features pair.

the number one, the front wheels. Jeep is equipped with a fixed front wheel, while the shock features a swivel front wheel. This means that when it comes to turning the ride Jeep Jogging Stroller, you should pop a wheelie to do so, while the BOB revolution becomes simply in a currency of ten cents. The reason for this is that the Jeep was designed to “Grave” runner, and shake was designed for the “Almost serious” runner. It means almost serious, to say to people that you are going to run, and you end up walking very fast 80% of the time. Hey… I am not mocking, I am the “almost serious, but not quite, because I’m very lazy” jogger. Therefore, the BOB revolution would be more my style. I like to be able to sail through the grocery store, or easily around tight curves without lifting the front. I like the fact that you can lock the front swivel wheel and has the comfort of a resistant fixed wheel when I’m “Almost serious” about running. What I don’t like about the BOB revolution, however, is the price. The price of the Jeep Overland jogging limited stroller is $239,99, more than a hundred dollars less than the BOB revolution, at a price of $389,00. It is a big difference. However, also keep in mind that the BOB’ resale value is through the roof. You can sell a BOB used for almost the same price as you can buy a new Overland Jeep. The reason is that BOB has a huge following. People loves this jogging stroller. They say that worth is as air pushes, light as a feather and totally the money extra. Jeep also has rave reviews, however I found some complaints on the front wheel, apparently, some people bought without realizing the front wheel was fixed. I guess that mark might me too.

in conclusion, if you’re a runner’s “Grave”, may want to take a better look at jogging limited Jeep Overland stroller. If you’re a “Almost serious” runner, may want to consider taking a loan to buy the BOB revolution stroller. Good luck, hope this helps!