I Am a Better Player Today

I am a junior in college right now, and I thought that my entire life was going to change after a football injury I suffered during a game a year ago. I am the starting quarterback, and I had not missed a single game until I was sacked hard on that day. I have been sacked before, but this was the first time I knew something was wrong within a second of hitting the ground. I knew that I had torn something, and it scared me. My coach talked with a coach at a Denver sports performance training center after surgery was ruled out.

I was very thankful that I would not need surgery, but I honestly was not sure I would play football again either. I honestly thought my career was over. My coach had the foresight though to get me headed back in the right direction. He has coached a lot of players who went on to become NFL stars, and he knew that several of them had used this same training center to help come back from an injury. This is not a regular type of training center. It is for elite athletes, and that got my interest piqued.

I wanted to find out more, so I went to the website. I was really impressed with how many athletes this company has helped. It was not just NFL stars either. There were people representing every major sport, including MMA, or mixed martial arts, as well as Olympic medalists. To even be considered in that league was such an honor for me, and it was the motivation that I needed to get on the path back to my starting position. I won’t say it was easy, but it was extremely beneficial. I went in broken, and I came out better than I have ever been before. You’ll see me in the big leagues one day!

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